We, the Linen Ladies think we have a valuable service to offer. We think
we have covered all the necessary steps to insure that you have the
linens you need at the appropriate dates and locations you have
specified. We will package your linens with your name tag that will
specify your inventory, realtor, address of the rental unit you are renting
and your dates. Keep all your bags and tags for your linen return (either
to your realtor or pickup at the unit at check-out). Initial the RETUARN
TAG that the inventory in the return bags are correct and matches our
item count (see example below).
PLEASE check your inventory for missing pieces as we reserve the
right to charge your credit card appropriately to replace the missing or
damaged pieces.

RETRIEVAL FEE of $15 will be charged if we cannot pickup your linens
because they are locked inside the unit or not returned to the realtor or
left in such disarray that we have to collect and bag them ourselves
because you did not. It is your responsibility to read the  literature we
provide and have your return order outside by the front door at 10 am,
back to your realtor or inside the front door of your condo unit at Sea
Pointe Village on your scheduled check-out day.
Should you have to cancel your order for any reason,
our refund policy is:
--Full Refund minus $15 credit card service fee
if cancelled fully two weeks before check-in.
--Cancellations within two weeks of check-in will receive
a 75% refund minus the $15 credit card service fee.

Please use our CONTACT US page here on the website
if you have to cancel your order.
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Name: Jane Doe
Realtor: Realtor in Cape May
Unit: Oceanside #101
Date: Summer 2013
Inventory: 2 Twin, 5 Queen, 10
Bath, 1 Bath mat set
Total Pieces : 68
Please note, LINEN LADIES of Cape May  assumes no
responsibility and/or liability for any injury and/or
accidents due to the use or mis-use of any rental item.